Harness Racing Triple Crown & Major Race Winners

1959 – Adios Butler. Paige West, trainer; Clint Hodgins, driver.

1965 – Brett Hanover. Frank Ervin, trainer and driver.

1966 – Romeo Hanover. Jerry Silverman, trainer; William
Myer (Cane) and George Sholty (Little Brown Jug and Messenger), drivers.

1968 – Rum Customer. Billy Haughton, trainer and driver.

1970 – Most Happy Fella. Stanley Dancer, trainer and driver.

1980 – Niatross. Clint Galbraith, trainer and driver.

1983 – Ralph Hanover. Stew Firlotte, trainer; Ron Waples, driver.

1997 – Western Hanover. Brett Robinson, trainer; Mike Lachance, driver.

1999 – Blissfull Hall. Ben Wallace, trainer; Ron Pierce, driver.

2003 – No Pan Intended. Ivan Sugg, trainer; David Miller, driver.

Win Leaders (among current drivers)
John Campbell (5): Western Terror, 2004 (dh); Art Major, 2002; Jake And Elwood, 1990; Dancing Master, 1989; Chairmanoftheboard, 1985.

Mike Lachance (3): Shady Character, 1998; Western Dreamer, 1997*; Righteous Bucks, 1987.

Ron Pierce (2): Timesareachanging, 2004 (dh); Blissfull Hall, 1999*.

David Miller (2): No Pan Intended*, 2003; Four Starzzz Shark, 2001.

Cat Manzi (1): Scoot To Power, 1996.

Jack Moiseyev (1): Silky Stallone, 1991.

Jim Morrill Jr. (1): Riyadh, 1993.

Luc Ouellette (1): Powerful Toy, 2000.

Year Little Brown Jug (Delaware, Ohio) Cane Messenger Breeders Crown Meadowlands Pace North America Cup
1946 Ensign Hanover          
1947 Forbes Chief          
1948 Knight Dream          
1949 Good Time          
1950 Dudley Hanover          
1951 Tar Heel          
1952 Meadow Rice          
1953 Keystoner          
1954 Adios Harry          
1955 Quick Chief          
1956 Noble Adios Noble Adios Belle Action*      
1957 Torpid Torpid Meadlowlands      
1958 Shadow Wave Raider Frost O'Brien Hanover      
1959 Adios Butler Adios Butler Adios Butler      
1960 Bullet Hanover Countess Adios Countess Adios*      
1961 Henry T. Adios Cold Front Adios Don      
1962 Lehigh Hanover Ranger Knight Thor Hanover      
1963 Overtrick Meadow Skipper Overtrick      
1964 Vicar Hanover Race Time Race Time      
1965 Bret Hanover Bret Hanover Bret Hanover      
1966 Romeo Hanover Romeo Hanover Romeo Hanover      
1967 Best Of All Meadow Paige Romulus Hanover      
1968 Rum Customer Rum Customer Rum Customer      
1969 Laverne Hanover Kat Byrd Bye Bye Sam      
Year Little Brown Jug (Delaware, Ohio) Cane Messenger Breeders Crown Meadowlands Pace North America Cup
1970 Most Happy Fella Most Happy Fella Most Happy Fella      
1971 Nansemond Albatross Albatross      
1972 Strike Out Hilarious Way Silent Majority      
1973 Melvin's Woe Smog Valiant Bret      
1974 Armbro Omaha Boyden Hanover ArmbroOmaha      
1975 Seatrain Nero Bret's Champ      
1976 Keystone Ore Keystone Ore Windshield Wiper      
1977 Governor Skipper Jade Prince Governor Skipper   Escort  
1978 Happy Escort Armbro Tiger Abercrombie   Falcon Almahurst  
1979 Hot Hitter Happy Motoring Hot Hitter   Sonsam  
1980 Niatross Niatross Niatross   Niatross  
1981 Fan Hanover Wildwood Jeb Seahawk Hanover   Conquered  
1982 Merger Cam Fella Cam Fella   Hilarion  
1983 Ralph Hanover Ralph Hanover Ralph Hanover   Ralph Hanover  
1984 Colt Fortysix On The Road Again Troublemaker Troublemaker On The Road Again Legal Notice
1985 Nihilator Chairman Of The Board Pershing Square Nihilator Nihilator Staff Director
1986 Barberry Spur Barberry Spur Amity Chef Masquerade Laughs Quite A Sensation
1987 Jaguar Spur Righteous Bucks Redskin Call For Rain Frugal Gourmet Jate Lobell
1988 BJ Scoot Rjunnymede Lobell Matt's Scooter Camtastic Matt's Scooter Runnymede Lobell
1989 Goalie Jeff Dancing Master Sandman Hanover Goalie Jeff Dexter Nukes Goalie Jeff
Year Little Brown Jug (Delaware, Ohio) Cane Messenger Breeders Crown Meadowlands Pace North America Cup
1990 Beach Towel Jake And Elwood Jake And Elwood Beach Towel Beach Towel Apaches Fame
1991 Precious Bunny Silky Stalllone Die Laughing Three Wizards Precious Bunny Precious Bunny
1992 Fake Left Western Hanover Western Hanover Kingsbridge Carlsbad Cam Safely Kept
1993 Life Sign Riyadh Rayadh Life Sign Presidential Ball Presidential Ball
1994 Magical Mike Cams Card Shark Cams Card Shark Magical Mike Cam's Card Shark Cam's Card Shark
1995 Nick's Fantasy Mattgilla Gorilla David's Pass Jenna's Beach Boy David's Pass David's Pass
1996 Armbro Operative Scoot To Power Mattduff Armbro Operative Hot Lead Arizona Jack
1997 Western Dreamer Western Dreamer Western Dreamer Village Jasper Dream Away Gothic Dream
1998 Shady Character Shady Character Fit For Life Artiscape Day In A Life Straight Path
1999 Blissfull Hall Blissfull Hall Blissfull Hall Grinfromeartoear The Panderosa The Panderosa
2000 Astreos Powerful Toy Ain't No Stopn Him Gallo Blue Chip Gallo Blue Chip Gallo Blue Chip
2001 Bettor's Delight Four Starzzz Shark Bagel Beach Real Desire Real Desire Bettor's Delight
2002 Million Dollar Cam Art Major  Allamerican Ingot Art Major Mach Three Red River Hanover
2003 No Pan Intended No Pan Intended No Pan Intended No Pan Intended Allamerican Theory Allamerican Theory
2004 Timesareachanging DH - Western Terror &
Metropolitan Western Terror Holborn Hanover Mantacular
2005 P-Forty-Seven Royal Flush Shark Gryffindor Rocknroll Hanover Rocknroll Hanover Rocknroll Hanover
2006 Mr. Feelgood Total Truth Palone Ranger Burning Point Artistic Fella Total Truth
2007 Tell All Always A Virgin Always A Virgin Artist's View Mr. Big Tell All

(*) filly

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